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Medically Trained, Naturally Focused

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Welcome! My name is Dr. Megan Ding and I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor. I help amazing people like YOU achieve optimal health by assessing patterns of imbalance and finding the root cause of their symptoms. With natural medicine YOU can achieve optimal health!

I had a lifelong passion for health and wellness. I was raised using natural therapies for common illnesses and saw the power of integrative cancer treatment during my aunt's ovarian cancer journey. I also used natural solutions for my own hormonal imbalances, fatigue, and digestive issues during my young adult life. At a young age, I witnessed my aunt’s ovarian cancer journey. I saw my now 20-year survivor aunt suffer through her past treatments and the power of integrative cancer treatments. This led me to see the world through different lenses and embark on a journey to discover compassionate and effective patient care.


I completed my undergraduate studies in pre-medicine and biology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill – Go Heels! I earned my medical degree from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon with additional training at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago and Philadelphia. 


I believe that healthcare should do more than just suppress symptoms. This led to the development of a wellness model that allows me to find and treat the root cause of health problems. This practice involves a deep understanding of an individual’s unique biology and the utilization of select natural therapies to support it.


I help people optimize health through the integration of conventional medical care and progressive natural health solutions. We provide comprehensive, functional lab analysis and innovative, science-based therapies in natural medicine to generate effective and lasting results for our patients.


As a strong advocate for integrative medicine where the focus is placed on the patient as a whole, I specialize in naturopathic integrative cancer care, supporting patients through all stages of treatment and beyond. I strive to change the environment in which cancer grows, including the physical, mental, and emotional realms of life. In addition to working with cancer patients, I see a variety of other conditions because naturopathic medicine is about treating the patient as a whole. I treat the patient. Other conditions include women’s and men’s health conditions, digestive issues, skin issues, autoimmune, hormonal imbalances and general wellness.  


Experience naturopathic medicine in with me! 

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