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Dr. Megan Ding, ND

Charlotte Natural Wellness

10722 Carmel Commons Blvd, Suite 450 

Charlotte, NC 28226

Clinic Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9-5PM

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Dr. Ding offers a free 15-minute call to those who would like more information about the services offered by her practice. 

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15 Minute Discovery Phone Session: Free 
Comprehensive New Patient Visit (approx. 90 mins.): $350
Dr. Ding will complete a comprehensive medical intake to gain information about existing health concerns, present symptoms, past medical history, current medications, and supplements, daily dietary patterns, and general lifestyle habits.  Recent lab work performed by other health practitioners will be reviewed if available. Additional lab work may be performed depending on each individual. Based on the information obtained during the intake, Dr. Ding will formulate a detailed treatment plan using natural therapies that specifically address the patient's health concerns. *Initial visit may be separated into 2 parts to allow for lab ordering.              
Follow-up Visit (approx. 30 mins.): $175            

Dr. Ding will assess improvements in the patient's health since beginning the treatment plan and will make adjustments as necessary.  New concerns may also be discussed as they arise.


*  Supplements and specialty labwork are at an additional cost.
*  Currently, North Carolina health insurance does not cover alternative medical services. However, most Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts cover office visits and supplements.   

*  Visit Packages may be available for discounted prices. 

*  For bloodwork, Dr. Ding can order labs for you using Ulta Labs for discounted prices. 

Dr. Megan Ding, ND 
Charlotte Natural Wellness
10722 Carmel Commons Blvd
Suite 450
Charlotte, NC 28226
Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Friday 9-5PM