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Schedule your free 15 minute consultation


Complete your initial visit— we’ll go over your full health history and order comprehensive lab work.


Schedule a follow up — we’ll review lab results and begin your personalized treatment protocol.


Optimize your health with continued care for lifelong results.

Here is an overview of the types of visits and care you can expect with our practice:​
15 Minute Discovery Phone Session: Free 
Comprehensive New Patient Visit (approx. 90 mins.):
$350 (Virtually), $450 (In-person) 
Dr. Ding will complete a comprehensive medical intake to gain information about existing health concerns, present symptoms, past medical history, current medications, and supplements, daily dietary patterns, and general lifestyle habits.  Recent lab work performed by other health practitioners will be reviewed if available. Additional lab work may be performed depending on each individual. Based on the information obtained during the intake, Dr. Ding will formulate a detailed treatment plan using natural therapies that specifically address the patient's health concerns. *Initial visit may be separated into 2 parts to allow for lab ordering.
These recommendations include:
  • Lab recommendations: Dr. Ding will utilize advanced lab testing, going above and beyond what is offered at conventional practices.

  • Nutritional recommendations: After evaluating your current diet, Dr. Ding will recommend nutritional modifications and educate you on how to make dietary changes.

  • Supplement recommendations: Dr. Ding bases her herbal and nutritional supplement recommendations on both subjective (what is discussed) and objective (labs, imaging, and diagnostic studies) evidence. Sometimes, there are certain herbs, nutrients, or other natural therapies that stand out after an initial discussion that can be implemented right away. Other times, Dr. Ding finds it best to order labs or other outside evaluation before proceeding with extra supplement suggestions.

  • Lifestyle modification: Includes exercise and mind-body therapies

  • Referrals: If through the course of the initial discussion Dr. Ding finds that you could benefit from an evaluation from a specialist or other healthcare provider, she will provide referral information.

Follow-up Visit (approx. 30 mins.): $175          

Dr. Ding will assess improvements in the patient's health since beginning the treatment plan and will make adjustments as necessary.  New concerns may also be discussed as they arise.

Plan maintenance phase: After your first follow-up, Dr. Ding will determine what follow-up interval is right for you, always with an eye toward fine tuning your healing journey for results.


Ongoing care: After you have your immediate concerns addressed, it will be important to check in periodically to maintain the success you achieve and address any new concerns. Dr. Ding may also recommend re-checking certain laboratory parameters.

*  Supplements and specialty labwork are at an additional cost.
*  Currently, North Carolina health insurance does not cover alternative medical services. However, most Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts cover office visits, labwork, and supplements.   

*  Visit Packages may be available for discounted prices. 

*  For bloodwork, Dr. Ding can order labs for you using Ulta Labs for discounted prices. 

Have you had recent blood work completed and want another eye to look at your results? 

--> Functional Blood Work Analysis: $200 [Virtual Visit, Not In-Person]

Get your blood work analyzed and find out where your deficiencies or imbalances are. You must provide completed bloodwork that has been completed in the last 6 months before your visit. You will receive a customized report explaining the results and a 20-minute call with Dr. Ding to go over your results. Recommendations may include nutrition/dietary guidelines or further testing. Supplements will not be recommended unless you are an established patient of Dr. Ding's (has completed a naturopathic initial visit). 

Scheduling and Cancellations


Scheduled appointments are reserved specifically for you and we do not double-book appointments. Our appointments last much longer than standard office visits and cancellations/no-shows can cause significant interruptions to the clinic. We require a minimum of 24 hours'notice for the cancellation of New Patient Visits and Established Patient Visits.

If you do not provide adequate notice of your cancellation, you will be charged for half of the original appointment fee. We do require a credit card on file to book an appointment and will change the card accordingly in the event of a late cancellation/no-show. We will always attempt to contact you first prior to collecting fees to discuss any extenuating circumstances leading to the cancellation/no-show.

In addition, patient intake forms must also be received prior to your visit.

Electronic Communication

We encourage all patients to call or message with questions regarding their treatment plan. We want to ensure your success, which relies on open lines of communication. Messages are usually responded to within 24-48 hours. We do not provide after-hours or urgent care.

If there is a need for longer discussion regarding new symptoms or new concerns, we will reply to a phone inquiry or message to recommend that you schedule a follow-up appointment, and fees will be applied accordingly at the appointment. Keep in mind that electronic communication can only be used for brief clarification questions. If new, detailed, or urgent concerns that will require discussion and case management arise, please schedule a follow-up appointment.

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