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Understanding Your Cancer Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with cancer, you are probably being inundated with information - from everywhere and everyone. You're dealing with the shock and are trying to make important medical decisions. Here is where a caring naturopathic physician can help you sift through that information and help you on your cancer journey.

We are all individuals and so is cancer. Your oncologist will order a series of tests to profile of the cancer looks and behaves. Naturopathic physicians individualize their treatment protocols to each patient that see. I treat the whole person because YOU are not a disease. By using nutrition, supplements, and herbs, naturopathic physicians can help you change your body. Time is spent helping you assess your lifestyle, habits, symptoms, and treatment options.

My expertise is knowing which supplements are beneficial for YOU and which ones are not.

Call today to schedule a free minute phone consultation to get to know about my practice more: 704-543-5540.

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