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Cancer and Suppressed Emotions

Suppressed emotions are any emotions you are hanging on to from your past – positive, negative, conscious or not. We most commonly hang on to negative ones – stress, fear, trauma, regret, anger or sadness.

Stress and Cancer: Stress weakens the immune system by changing the neuropeptides our cells release. Neuropeptides such as cortisol, epinephrine, and adrenaline have this effect (stress hormones). What makes stress (or any emotion) so powerful, is that almost every cell in our bodies has the ability to produce and receive these neuropeptides.

The mind and body are not separated.

Here are some action steps you can take at home to help you clear out the emotional baggage from your past in order to boost your immune system and increase happiness:

Keep a thought journal – Take some time at lunch and bedtime for 2 straight weeks, and write down all the emotional events of your day – positive and negative. Also write down what you were think just before you felt that emotion. This will help identify your underlying thoughts that cause your feelings.

Make a list of emotional moments – One evening, write down the most emotional moments from your past – positive and negative). Remember these events fully. When you are ready, burn the list. Burning the list allows you to mentally release any suppressed emotions leftover from those events.

Practice daily forgiveness - Each morning, think of someone to forgive, even if it is for something minor. If you have no one in mind, forgive yourself.

Do not think that you should never feel fear, anger, grief, stress etc. but rather you should try not to hold on to those emotions for too long.

"Emotions should flow through the body like waves crashing on a beach – in and then out."

If you or a loved one is battling or has battled cancer,

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