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Heart Health and Hormones

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

The fifth female vital sign is the menstrual cycle. Any irregularities, including timing, amount, and premenstrual symptoms, represent a hormonal imbalance. Additionally, hormonal balance also plays a major role in heart health. The heart and its blood vessels love estrogen. It has numerous receptors for it and its metabolites. Estrogen helps keep our blood vessels flexible and strong by supporting the production of nitric oxide. Therefore, it is vital to balance your hormones in order to have a healthy heart.

Much can be done through natural therapies to keep your hormones and heart healthy!

1. Track of your cycle and any associated symptoms. Using a phone app can be helpful.

2. Eat as many servings of vegetables as you can. Aim for half your plate at every meal. Vegetables have antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, and fiber – all beneficial for hormone and heart health.

3. Work on your mind-body practice, including yoga, meditation, exercise, prayer, and/or breath work. These can help lower stress and improve sleep.

4. Go outside for vitamin D, exercise, stress relief and mood balance.

5. Get comprehensive lab testing to discover any imbalances or deficiencies contributing to your symptoms.

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