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OAT AXIS: Hormonal Imbalance

Is it adrenal fatigue? Hypothyroidism? Estrogen dominance? It's never just one thing.

These all represent very common symptoms patients are feeling and of those I see everyday in my practice. Women depend on a proper OAT axis - a three legged stool. When one leg is out, the whole system starts to crumble.


Common Symptoms of OAT Dysfunction
  • Fatigue

  • Depression or Anxiety

  • Irregular or heavy periods

  • Hypoglycemia

  • Tender breasts

  • Hair loss

  • Dry skin

  • Mood swings

  • Sugar and caffeine cravings

  • Headaches

  • Irritability between meals

  • Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep and not waking feeling rested

  • Catching every cold or feeling sick often

  • Lightheaded or dizziness from changing positions

  • Water retention

  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight

I usually start with addressing the adrenals. When you have better handle on your stress, your energy increases!

Here are some lab tests I recommend:

  • Estradiol, FSH, LH (Best tested on Day 3 of your menstrual cycle)

  • Progesterone (Best tested on Day 19-22 of your menstrual cycle)

  • Adrenal Stress Index test

  • Dutch Complete with Cycle Mapping

  • Thyroid panel: TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Anti-TPO, Anti-thyroglobulin

  • Free Testosterone

  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

  • Additional testing may be necessary based on your individual needs

I order these tests to correctly evaluate your INDIVIDUAL condition.

Join the clinic to have a deeper understand how hormonal imbalances are effecting YOUR LIFE and how natural medicine can help YOU!

Call 704-543-5540 to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more about my practice!

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