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Inversions and Breast Health

Our lymphatic circulation is an integral part of the complex workings of our immune system as a whole. The top 3 ways to stimulate the lymphatic circulation is through massage, exercise and inversions.

Some women are afraid of the effects of gravity over time on their breasts. Well now you can use anti-gravity to your advantage!

Our lymphatic system drains out near the base of the neck and does not have arteries like the blood circulation, so it's essential to have movement in the body that supports the lymph in the legs, arms and chest to circulate toward the neck, either through manual movements like massage, physical movements like exercise or physically getting upside-down through inversions.

Inverting the body allows the blood and lymph to flow toward your head, supporting lymphatic drainage.

There are several major lymph nodes on either side of the body under the armpits next to the breasts, as well as lymph ducts throughout the breasts. Inversions help to increase all the lymphatic circulation through the breast tissues and body supporting the natural detoxification of the whole body.

You can use a yoga swing for inversions, as you can relax and lengthen the spine while hanging upside-down, and it doesn't take any hand strength or balance. Start with 1 minute, then 2, and work your way up. Look and see if there's an aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga class in your area.

You can also do handstands or headstands with a partner or wall to back you, do leg inversions on a wall, and chest inversions off the side of your bed, or use an inversion table.

Supporting your lymphatic health is a key step to supporting your healthy breasts!

These natural ways to support breast health are fun, support your whole body health, help you to feel good, look good, have fun and get a new perspective on life!

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